Reporting a crime

Reporting a crime

If someone has sexually abused you, they have done something wrong. They have broken the law.

If you report the crime to police the person may be punished. This means a judge will make a decision about the person and they may go to prison or be punished in another way.

Reporting the crime can help stop the person hurting someone else.

Reporting a crime

What if I am worried about reporting the crime?

It is normal to feel worried about speaking to the police, but they are there to support you and keep you safe. If someone has sexually abused you it is important that you talk to someone and get help. Here are the answers to some questions people might have about reporting a crime.

Reporting a crime

What if I am embarrassed to talk about what happened?

You may feel embarrassed and that is ok, but you have not done anything wrong. The person who abused you has done something wrong.

It is not your fault.

The police will listen to you and make sure you get the right support. They want to help. You can talk to them about how they can make you feel more comfortable.

Reporting a crime
Is the crime too small to report?

Is the crime too small to report?

Even if you are unsure, you should still talk to the police. Sexual abuse is a serious crime and the police will take what you say seriously.

What if I don’t want to report the crime?

What if I don’t want to report the crime?

You do not have to report the crime if you do not want to. It is your decision.

How do I report a crime?

To talk to the police you can phone 101
If it is an emergency you should phone 999
It is an emergency if you are in danger and need help quickly.

You can also:

Call into your local police station. To find out where your nearest station is you can phone: 101

The police can come to your home or somewhere else where you are more comfortable if you do not want to go to a police station.

If you would like any more information, please get in touch with the officer in charge of your case or the Public Prosecution Service. There are also other organisations that are there to help you. You can contact them whether or not you decide to report a crime to the police. They can give you free, confidential support.

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